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YO! YAC - Youth Advisory Council
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Youth receive first-hand experience working in an office setting and often work on youth-driven advocacy campaigns, such as the Disability History Week Campaign and Taking Action for Accommodations. The YO! Volunteer Corps create connections for youth with adults with disabilities, as well as other youth volunteers. YO! Volunteer Corps members earn a stipend every month.

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My name is Ian Doporto. I am nineteen years old and live in Castro Valley, California. I graduated from Castro Valley High School in June 2017. This November I plan to attend a film workshop called Futures Explored, where people with disabilities study film production and disability advocacy. I also am looking towards community college, where I am interested in creative writing and anthropology. I first heard about YO! at the Abilities Expo in 2014. I am calling for full inclusion of disabled youth with their fellow peers/friends, as well as more routes of accessibility for people with disabilities who seek to be active traveling in the community. I want myself and others like me to have social economic equality and resources needed to live independently and to succeed academically.

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Youth Advisory Council (YO! YAC) Ian California Foundation for Independent Living Centers – Sacramento, CA

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