CFILC Accessibility Policy is designed to meet Conformance Level "A" of the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative ( Accessibility features include skip navigation links on all pages, alt tags for graphic elements, adjustable font and contrast on all pages and more. Where Adobe Acrobat® portable document format (.PDF) documents are posted, a link to a free conversion tool on the adobe acrobat website is provided.

Accessibility Tips

This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer v.7 or newer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari web browsers. If possible the latest version of your adaptive software should also be used.

Adjusting the Text Size

You can change the text size for easier reading. Click the accessibility panel just below the links in the header to adjust the text size up or down on any page. This will change the text size for the entire website. The accessibility panel also allows you to switch to a high contrast version of the site.

You can also use your Internet browser's menu to change the text size for all websites. For example, Internet Explorer users can use the "text size" option in the View menu.

Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer users can use the keystroke "Control+plus" to increase the font size (Command+plus on a Mac). Use "Control+minus" to decrease the font size.

Understanding How Links Work

Because the website is a central hub for information, it has many links to additional resources. Some of these link locations are within the website, other links are outside the website. most links will open in the same window, allowing you to return to by using your browsers back button.

Please note that the CFILC is not responsible for the accessibility of external websites or external documents linked to the CFILC website.

Using a Screen Reader

Are you a first time user? We recommend you read each page in its entirety because information about links is provided in the surrounding text.

Once you are familiar with the content, in the future you will be able to navigate more quickly through each page using your screen reader's ability to jump to headings and links.

Use the Skip Content link (the first link on every page) to move directly to the content on each page, bypassing the navigation links. JAWS users can use the "H" key to move to the next heading. JAWS users can open a dialog box that lists all headings on a page with the keystroke "Insert+F6", can list all form fields on a page with the keystroke Insert+F5 and all links on a page with the keystroke Insert F7.

Navigating with the Tab Key

You can navigate the website using only your keyboard. The Tab key moves from link to link in most browsers. This allows you to click on highlighted links by hitting the Enter key.

Use the Insert F7 command to list all links on a page. You can use the JAWS link box search feature to move to any link.

PDF Files

Some documents on and many on other sites will be posted in PDF format. You can convert then to a screen-reader compatible version by using the tools at the Adobe Accessibility Center.


Videos embedded on are open captioned. They can be viewed and followed in full screen mode by clicking on the video or the link below. Most videos are of people talking. On more active videos audio description for the blind will be used where possible.

In the event you have difficulty accessing documents or features on this site, contact [email protected] for assistance. Please indicate the nature of your accessibility problem and the format in which you prefer to receive the material along with your contact information.

This information will help us to improve the accessibility of the site as well as enable us to get the information to you.

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