Hello, my name is Jose A Cruz Angeles. I am 26 years old and I have been blind since I was three years old. I was born in Mexico City but I have been living in Anaheim CA since the age of nine. I am responsible, honest, respectful and very outgoing. I love music, therefore, my hobbies are playing guitar, listen to all types of music, and singing. I also enjoy learning about technology, helping others, playing sports, and working out. I applied to be a volunteer for YO! Disabled & Proud because I believe my experiences will benefit other youth who I will be working with. It is also a chance for me to show other people who are like me, disabled, that we can do what we want in life. I have been proud to learn about all the rights people with disabilities have and about all the technology, that is available to us. Before learning about these options I had to figure everything out on my own. Now that I know, I do not want other youth to struggle as I did. I look forward to learning more through YO! Volunteer Corps and meeting you.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Jose

Youth Volunteer Corps Jose California Foundation for Independent Living Centers – Sacramento, CA

Hi, my name is Matthew Henderson. I was born and raised in Sacramento. I still live in Sacramento. I graduated from Sacramento City College with my Business certificate. My favorite hobbies are bike riding, running, watching movies, playing video games and hanging out with my friends. I have a history of volunteering for a variety of disability specific organizations. I started volunteering for YO! because I like helping to support young people with disabilities to have their independence and know there rights. I am looking forward to working with YO!

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Matthew

Youth Volunteer Corps Matthew California Foundation for Independent Living Centers – Sacramento, CA

Hello I am Jacquelyn. I joined YO! Disabled and Proud because I wanted to learn more about other people with disabilities. I also want to learn more about how to use computers; they are so important in everyday life. Especially, when it comes to finding jobs and being able to work in an office, which is my dream. In my free time I like to go to the movies and to my gym. I used to participate in the Special Olympics. By the end of my volunteer year, I want to become an advocate for myself and my disabled peers.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Jacquelyn

Youth Volunteer Corps Jacquelyn California Foundation for Independent Living Centers – Sacramento, CA

Hi there! My name is Jon Drennan, and I am the YO Volunteer at the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center. I am working towards my Masters in Social Work at San Jose State University. I also work part-time at the San Andreas Regional Center and the City of San Jose. My goal is to help youth with disabilities reach their full potential.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Jon

Youth Volunteer Corps Jon California Foundation for Independent Living Centers – Sacramento, CA

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