Hello, Im Kathleen and I am passionate about what I do and what I believe in. I am always working towards my goals and trying to improve my everyday skills. During my volunteer time, I am hoping to practice typing, answering phones, and helping those in need. I am willing to learn new things and hope to find ways to accomplish things in a more orderly fashion and a timelier manner.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Kathleen

Youth Volunteer Corps Kathleen Rolling Start Inc. – Hesperia, CA

Hello all! My name is Travis Nichols. I am a 19-year-old blind individual from California. From the age of 10 to the age of 18 I attended the California School for the Blind located in Fremont, California. While there, I gained extensive experience working with youth and adults alike that had multiple disabilities. I have, and always will, enjoy helping and serving the disabled community to the best of my abilities. I am a simple man, but I am me. It is a pleasure to meet you all.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Travis

Youth Volunteer Corps Travis FREED Center for Independent Living – Marysville, CA

My name is Jose, I'm from Fresno, CA. I'm a youth in the Bridges Program at Resources for Independent Living Central Valley (RICV). I look forward to volunteering with the YO! Disabled and Proud program. What I'm interested in is meeting new people and working well with the other youth. I like to help people and have conversations with others to learn more about them. One day I know I'll be a great leader with YO! Disabled & Proud.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Jose

Youth Volunteer Corps Jose Resources for Independence, Central Valley – Fresno, CA

Hi, my name is Kameron, I am a disabled trans guy. I grew up in Norway and moved to the Bay Area when I was 16, and then to the Inland Empire in 2016. I am currently seeking a career in Cosmetology and volunteering at Rolling Start Inc. My passions include art, poetry, and activism. My goal is to find, enhance, and create beauty in the world.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Kameron

Youth Volunteer Corps Kameron Rolling Start Inc. – Hesperia, CA

Hi, my name is Mike Infante. I am 17 years old and currently a senior in high school living in Sacramento, CA. I have Cerebral Palsy, but that doesn't stop me. I enjoy acting in many theatre productions and in film. Some productions I've been in around town are "White Christmas," "Grease," "Miracle Worker" and Ghost Tours in Old Sacramento. I joined YO! to work and inspire younger generations of people with disabilities to make a change in the disabled community. I am very excited to work with my peers and make a bigger change in the community!

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Mike

Youth Volunteer Corps Mike California Foundation for Independent Living Centers – Sacramento, CA

Hello, my name is Nathan Kaufmann, and I am 27 years old. I am currently a volunteer for the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center. I have a passion for all things tech, especially computers and video games. I also enjoy all things sci-fi, fantasy, and fan fic in shows and in books. Through YO!, I hope to gain more skills and learn more about my community.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Nathan

Youth Volunteer Corps Nathan Silicon Valley Independent Living Center – San Jose, CA

I am Harmony Tarrant, I'm 25 years old live in Laguna Beach, California. I want to improve my work skills as well as help other people with disabilities (or just people in general) by educating and teaching empathy and compassion. I'm excited to work with YO! so I can do all of these things. I like to write poetry, listen to music, and do public speaking.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Harmony

Youth Volunteer Corps Harmony Dayle McIntosh Center – Laguna Beach, CA

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