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We in the disability community are the champions of our own history and the architects of our future. To reach that future the disability community must continue to fight together and resist the stripping of our independence. YO! Disabled & Proud has developed an updated list of resources representing the diverse perspectives of our community that celebrates the victories of the past, the progress of the present, and the need for tomorrow.

The disability community will not be broken… Not then. Not now. Not ever. #disabilityResist

A historic polaroid depicting a person on a wheel chair being detained by police.

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2017 List of Blogs and Resources

Disability Rights Golden Age

The Unsung Heroes that Helped Pass the 504 and ADA

  • Anita Cameron View Blog This piece highlights the contributions made by black people during the fight for disability rights as well as discusses the issues that prevent black people for being recognized as leaders in the disability community. It also names several activists of that time.

Psychiatric Survivors and the Mental Health Community

How Multiply Marginalized Peoples Fought Institutionalization and Forced Treatment

Employment and a Fair Day's Pay

LGBTQ Trailblazers and Peoples of Color who Have Helped People with Disabilities Gain Access to Employment

  • Michon Neal on the Importance of Pay for the Opressed View Page Michon Neal: a person with multiply marginalized identities shares the importance of paying oppressed people on educating others about their identities for the sake of intersectionality; this information needs to be recognized as having a monetary value. And should not be taken for granted. (Contains material that may be deemed offensive.)
  • Your Rights in Regards to Employment Accommodation View Toolkit this toolkit created by the job accommodation network is a great starting point on learning what your rights are in regards to employment accommodation. It is easy to understand, accessible, and it’s free to use.

The Not so Distant Past

Activists and Advocates from 2000 to 2017 Who are Changing the Disability Community for the Better!

  • Latinx Disability Coalition View Page A coalition created for Disabled Latinx. It brings together diverse perspectives on being part of these two specific communities. It also provides insight and resources in both English and Spanish.
  • DiversAbility View Page An organization that increases the visibility of disabled people. Created and ran by people with disabilities from various backgrounds. It strives to create a space for all disabilities to foster a sense of community with one another.
  • Stacy Milbern on Medicaid Cuts View Page A queer Korean disabled activists shares their experiences on why access to support services is about more than just living in the community.

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