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  • YO! Alumni Profile: Jonny Vallin

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    Featured Alumni Jonny Vallin
    “YO! Disabled & Proud gave me a way to stay connected and practice the skills I learned after attending the Youth Leadership Forum for Students with Disabilities. YO! Volunteer Corps provided an opportunity for me to gain employment readiness skills while serving at my local Independent Living Center and eventually a paid position. YO! Volunteer Corps gave me the self-confidence I needed to earn my AA degree and transfer to a four year university.”


    1. Why did you originally get involved with YO?

    After attending YLF in 2009, YO was a way to stay connected and practice all I learned. I was able to advocate on behalf of youth with disabilities for rights and equal opportunities.

    2. What did you gain from being a part of YO?

    I gain many skills! I got to placed in an ILC and got work and volunteer experience. I built an intense network as well as develop youth-driven projects.

    3. Would you do it again if you could? Why?

    In a heartbeat. I had a blast and found my passion in life.

    4. Would you refer or recommend a youth to YO!?

    I have! many!

    5. What was the best part of being a YO! Volunteer or YAC member?

    I think knowing that I apart of a group of youth that was statewide and that we would work
    together to implement disability history week in schools.

    6. How would you describe YO! to a friend?

    Great work experience and friendly environment .

    7. What have you accomplished since you completed your Volunteer with time YO! or time on the YAC?

    I have had seasonal employment at the ILC and finished my AA.