Zofia Trexler is a youth organizer from Fresno with experience living with and navigating psychiatric disabilities. She currently attends Fresno City College where she studies law and public policy in the hopes of having a career engaging in advocacy work and systems change for people with disabilities. She is excited to learn and grow closer to her community by volunteering at RICV.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Zofia

Youth Volunteer Corps Zofia Resources for Independence Central Valley – Fresno, CA

Cami Marble (she/her/hers) grew up in Southern California. After becoming chronically ill, she began getting involved in the chronic illness and Disability communities, learning what it means to have Disability pride. She attends college in San Diego, where she is studying computer science and is on the premed track. Cami hopes to become a pediatric specialty physician to treat Disabled and chronically ill kids who are often overlooked in the medical system. When not studying, which takes up much of her time, you can find Cami sewing, crocheting, or trying her hand at baking gluten free bread. Cami is excited to be a part of YO! Disabled and Proud.

Photo of YO! Volunteer Corps member Cami

Youth Volunteer Corps Cami California Foundation for Independent Living Centers – Sacramento, CA

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