Get Your Free Back-to-School Toolkit for the 2019-2020 School Year! August 26th, 2019

From: Mental Health America (MHA)

As children and teens head back to school, many are often experiencing stress and loneliness. While it is normal to deal with some degree of stress or loneliness, if a young person continues to feel overwhelmed, unable to cope and feels as though their stress or loneliness is affecting how they function every day, they may be experiencing the first signs of a mental health condition, like depression or anxiety.
It’s important for parents, caregivers, and school personnel to know the signs that a young person is struggling with his or her mental health and be prepared to help.
Our 2019 Back to School Toolkit helps increase understanding of stress and loneliness in children and teens and provides materials on the topic for parents, school personnel, and young people.

This year’s toolkit includes:

  • Fact sheets for parents/teachers

  • Fact sheets for children/teens

  • Poster for use in schools

  • Key messages and statistics

  • Sample newsletter article; and

  • Sample social media post language and images.

[Download Toolkit]
No one has to suffer in silence. Teens can take the youth screen at to see if they may be at risk. Parents who are concerned can take the parent survey. Once you get the results, MHA will provide you with more information and help you to figure out next steps.
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