Lights! Camera! access! Career Exploration Summit Application Silicon Valley May 17th, 2019 April 30th, 2019

If you, or someone you know is an aspiring technology or media professional, storyteller, gamer, geek, coder, filmmaker, musician, actor, dreamer, writer, director, editor, transitioning youth, college student, recent grad, disabled veteran who is Deaf or has a disability — check out Lights! Camera! Access! Silicon Valley Career Exploration Summit and the Global Accessibility Symposium (LCA) on May 17th — Own the Deaf & Disability Narrative Imperative across delivery platforms (TV, movies, documentaries, news, theatre, interactive and video games) — and make a difference. Application Deadline for the LCA Silicon Valley is Monday, May 6, at 8 pm PT.   
Picture of seven mentors with disabilities working in the media sector. The image is black and white and the mentors appear to be younger professionals, including four women and three men - four of which are wheelchair users and one of which is holding walking skies.. All of them are looking at the camera and smiling.
You will participate in workshops during the summit and have ongoing support in your career exploration journey. During the summit you will attend workshops including,

  • Resume Review, Speed Interviews and Flash Mentoring

  • Networking to Achieve your Career Objectives Workshop

  • Self-Disclosure Workshop: How to Leverage Disability to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

You will also have the opportunity to “Rock Your Profile” with LinkedIn, meet disability, media, technology and disability-savvy corporate leaders from Google, AT&T, LinkedIn, Aira, Level Access, Waymo and others.
Application Deadline for the LCA Silicon Valley is Monday, May 6, at 8 pm PT.   

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