Share your workplace accommodation experience. April 9th, 2018

Are you a young person who has recently received a workplace accommodation? Or are you currently thinking about disclosing your disability and making a request for accommodation?

If so, the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is interested in hearing about your experience. JAN CoDirectors, Lou Orslene and Anne Hirsh, invite you to one of two small discussion groups being held April 13th from 12-1PM PT/3-4 PM ET and April 19th from 3:30 - 4:30 PM PT/6:30 - 7:30 PM ET.

We are continually reviewing our service offerings and assessing their effectiveness. In an effort to evaluate and improve JAN, these discussions are designed to expose current service gaps for the next generation.

If you would like to have a private discussion of your experience, feel free to call JAN and ask for Lou or Anne.
We would be happy to schedule a call to hear of your experiences. All information shared will be confidential.

If you want to share your experience and like to hear what others are experiencing, please consider participating in one of these conference calls.

To participate, please email and let us know whether you plan to attend the April 13th or April 19th discussion group.

Lou Orslene and Anne Hirsh, Job Accommodation Network (JAN) CoDirectors 
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