A.T. Lets Me... Photo Contest March 2nd, 2018

Image with a light yellow background showcasing people with different disabilities using assistive technology with the wording "Ability Tools AT Lets Me Photo Contest with four Polaroid images that say,

Enter your favorite photos of individuals using AT
for a chance to win one of three cash prizes!


In the disability community, we have all seen how assistive technology (AT) allows many people with disabilities to perform functions that would be difficult without the assistance of another person.

Do you have photographs of people using AT that would look great featured in a magazine? Or even on the cover of a magazine?

Share a glimpse of the world with AT. Submit photos of individuals using AT, showing how the AT makes a difference in their lives.

All types of AT are welcome! AT can be:

  • Low-tech (pencil holders, utensils)

  • High-tech 

  • Hardware

  • Computer hardware/software

  • Inclusive or specialized learning materials/curriculum aids

  • Electronic devices (eye-gaze and head trackers)

  • Medical Devices (wheelchairs, walkers, braces)

  • Power lifts (vehicle and home)  

  • And much more!

Be sure to submit photos by April 23rd, 2018. Please visit abilitytools.org/contests for more details.
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