Atlanta Non-Violence Project - Leadership Training January 20th, 2016

The Atlanta Non-Violence Leadership Project reached out to YO! and asked that we share their program and application with youth with disabilities. The project seems very inclusive and wants to make sure youth with disabilities are engaged. If you fit the application criteria please consider applying. If you are an ally please pass this information/application on.
The Nonviolence Leadership Project (NLP) is an all-new, one-week, high school summer program in nonviolence and leadership, empowering young people to take an active role in creating more a just and peaceful world.  Every student who attends comes with an idea or a dream or a vision for making a positive difference in their community. NLP coaches and mentors each student so they feel strong, confident and courageous in implementing their ideas when they return home. Our inaugural program will be July 24-30, 2016 in Atlanta, the home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. Application deadline is March 1. Apply online at (capition included) 
For additional information please contact Dave Soleil. His information is below.
Dave Soleil
Nonviolence Leadership Project
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