Sign the Petition to eliminate Freeburg Community High School Board of Education from using "Midget" as a mascot June 30th, 2015

 There are several high schools across the country that have coined "midgets" as their school mascot, including Freeburg High School in Freeburg, Illinois. Freeburg, Illinois, is near St. Louis, Missouri, where Little People of America will be hosting its national conference in July of this year. Please support us in urging Freeburg High School, "Home of the Midgets," to rename their school mascot. Further, we would also like them to stop all sales of the school's "midgetwear" merchandise.

Little People of America (LPA), a national, membership-based organization for short-statured individuals, aims to educate and raise awareness about the terminology preferred by members of its community. The term "midget" dehumanizes and objectifies people of short stature. The word was first coined in reference to people of short stature who were on public display for curiosity and sport, and the word evolved into a negative connotation. The preferred terminology is "dwarf," "little person," or "person of short stature."  

In the case of Freeburg, Illinois, while the term is not intended to do harm, any word that creates a hostile and unwelcoming environment with any potential student has no place as a school mascot. We want to ensure that Freeburg is creating a safe environment for all people, including those of short stature, that are in the area. We believe these changes can only have a positive impact upon the community and will only further support Freeburg High School's mission to, "enable all students to become productive and responsible citizens by providing them opportunities... in a safe, caring, learning environment."
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