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YO! Alumni Profile: Sara Moussavian

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Featured Alumni:
Sara Moussavian


1. Why did you originally get involved with YO?

The reason I became involved with YO! is because I was interested in finding a group of peers like myself in efforts of feeling like I belong in the social clique.

2. What did you gain from being a part of YO?

In addition to an expansion in my social group; my leadership, advocacy skills and most importantly knowledge about Disability history increased through my work on the Disability History Week Campaign.

3. Would you do it again if you could? Why?

Yes, I would participate in YO! again as I’m interested in participating in campaigns which would make a difference in the community (both with individuals with disabilities and individuals who do not have disabilities).

4. Would you refer or recommend a youth to YO!?

Yes, I would recommend YO! to other youth in the community.

5. What was the best part of being a YO! Volunteer or YAC member?

The best part of being a YO! volunteer was having an opportunity to make a difference in the community and wanting to participate as it became a hobby versus being a participant in the activity to fulfill a requirement for school.

6. How would you describe YO! to a friend?

I would describe YO! to a friend by stating it is a life changing experience by having the opportunity to participate in a social justice campaign with other youth who are pleasant to work with.

7. What have you accomplished since you completed your Volunteer with time YO! or time on the YAC?

Since my time at YO! has ended, I have graduated from San Francisco State with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and have obtained a job with the Federal government.


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