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YO! Alumni Profile: Damary Celita Bustos Beltran

Photo of Damary Celita Bustos Beltran
Featured YO! Alumn Damary Celita Bustos Beltran


1. Why did you originally get involved with YO?

To learn more about my own disabled history and to meet more youth with disabilities.

2. What did you gain from being a part of YO?

What I gained from YO was knowledge about disability issues and meeting young youth who were interested in learning about disability history.

3. Would you do it again if you could? Why?

I would join YO! again because I was close minded about disability issues and I learned a lot throughout my volunteering at YO! I have a different perspective about disabled people as well.

4. Would you refer or recommend a youth to YO!?

Of course I would reccomend and refer a youth to YO! Especially if they are close minded like I was.

5. What was the best part of being a YO! Volunteer or YAC member?

The best part of being a YO! Volunteer was making friends who have disabilities. Especially meeting my friend Alexa who has a very similar disability as me. Also I liked going to events and presenting disability history in high schools.

6. How would you describe YO! to a friend?

YO! is a organization throughout the state for youth with disabilities that connects them via online or events.

7. What have you accomplished since you completed your Volunteer with time YO! or time on the YAC?

I have accomplished having more knowledge on disability history & to learn how to treat disabled people.



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