YO! Alumni Profile: Chelsea Boon



Young white woman wearing glasses and earmuffs, dressed in purple with a multi-colored scarf


1.Why did you originally get involved with YO?

I became involved with YO! to gain experience in a field that I will always enjoy, disability rights advocacy.

  1. What did you gain from being a part of YO?

I have gained experience and friends in an open-minded environment that has helped lead me to my current paid work experience with the state.

  1. Would you do it again if you could? Why?

Yes, and in fact, I like to think that I am still doing YO! volunteering in an informal way, such as speaking with schools on disability issues or recruiting potential new members. No matter how busy I am with my paid work, I will always make time for the things I am passionate about. A friend told me that once I am a volunteer here, I am always a volunteer here.

  1. Would you refer or recommend a youth to be a part of YO?

Yes, and I look forward to seeing what a friend of my family has to offer YO! once she is at the age when she can begin volunteering.

  1. What was the best part of being a YO! Volunteer or a YO! YAC Member?

The best part was the people whom I got to work alongside with. I still stay in touch with many friends I have made along the way, and connect to new and old volunteers whom I may not have even met in person.

  1. How would you describe YO! to a friend? 

I describe YO! as being a program that offers young disabled adults/teens a career-like setting where they can discuss a number of topics on disability advocacy. They can also develop workplace skills in a safe environment, such as making phone calls, tabling events, and professional journaling.

  1. What have you accomplished since you completed your YO! Volunteer time or time on the YAC?

Since completing my time on the YAC, I have put my focus to getting my first state job. I have landed an office position job in the Workers Compensation office at the Sonoma Developmental Center.

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